Quarterly Updates

Eliminate the headache from WordPress updates.  With our website maintenance plan, you can rest assured knowing that our experts will handle keeping your site up to date.

  • We perform updates late at night during low traffic times, so your site visitors will not be disturbed
  • Prior to updates, we take a full backup of your site
  • Updates are performed on a duplicate version of your site and tested before pushing to your live environment
  • We will let you know ahead of time that there are updates available
  • Maintain a secure site, by keeping plugins, themes and core files up to date

$100 per month

We like to keep things transparent, so please see our mutual WordPress Updates agreement listed below.

Between us, Beyond Digital Marketing, LLC and you.

Update Schedule: Although billed monthly, updates are done on a quarterly basis as we find this covers necessary plugin, theme and WordPress core updates well.  Beyond Digital Marketing will QA the site to be sure main components are working correctly before deploying these changes to the live site.  You may also reserve the right to QA the staging site and share your approval.  If so, please communicate this to us and we’d be more than happy to accommodate.

Paid Plugins & Themes: Often times, paid plugins and themes are used in WordPress sites.  In order to receive the latest version, often times there’s an annual license fee.  Any fees incurred by Beyond Digital Marketing will be passed on to you to get the latest version.  We will let you know ahead of time if we anticipate there being a charge.

Scope Changes: Our routine maintenance consists of enough time to cover just about all updates.  Very rarely, however, we run into scenarios where the latest releases of plugins and themes are not compatible.  If we approach that time when testing on the staging server, we reserve the right to request additional time, if necessary or you may opt to refuse updating that specific file.

Deprecated Plugins: Being an open source CMS, authors will occasionally abandon their plugins.  If this becomes the case, WordPress may not deem the plugin safe for your site or you may lose certain functionality.  If this happens, Beyond Digital Marketing will search for a replacement plugin and time will be billed at our hourly standard rate for the research and installation of that plugin.

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